4-Week Mentorship

Personalized Guidance to Master Spirit & Science-Based Yoga


Elevate your yoga teaching to new heights with my exclusive 4-Week Mentorship Program! This is an immersive experience designed to deepen your understanding of intelligent sequencing and confidently teach a yoga class with a movement science-informed sequence. This program mirrors the comprehensive curriculum of my Flow Formula online course, enriched with personalized mentoring to transform your teaching approach.

What Sets This Program Apart:

Personalized Instruction:

Benefit from four 90-minute one-on-one sessions, tailored to address your unique needs, questions, and goals. These intimate sessions allow for deep dives into specific areas of interest, ensuring you receive the guidance necessary to evolve your teaching style. All meetings are recorded on Zoom for you to re-watch the sessions as needed.

Exclusive Course Content:

Access the same rich array of PDFs and video materials featured in the Flow Formula online course, providing a solid foundation in intelligent and intentional class sequencing.

Constructive Feedback:
As the culmination of your journey, you’ll have the opportunity to teach a final class. Receive detailed, constructive feedback on your sequencing, cueing, and overall class structure, empowering you to refine and perfect your approach.

Community and Support:

Engage with a community of like-minded instructors in a supportive environment, fostering growth, inspiration, and shared learning experiences.

Take a peek at the course overview

  • Evaluation & Goal Setting
  • Unique Mission 
  • Aligned Vision
  • Anatomy 101
  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • Spirit & Science
  • Transitions & Timing
  • Create Your Own Class
  • Clear & Captivating Cues
  • Cultivate Confidence
  • Overcome Mistakes
  • Music As Self-Expression
  • Teach Your Class
  • Class Feedback & Review
  • Evaluation & Goal Setting
  • Your Next Move

Some words from past mentees

Through 1:1 mentorship with Mel, I could fully believe and trust in myself as a teacher. She helped me gain confidence in my sequences & build my own 20+ student classes!
Maria Stecher
Working with Mel has allowed me to learn things that were missing from my previous trainings and now I feel ready to move forward and pursue my heart's calling as a yoga instructor!
Celia Jimenez
Mel inspired me to become more creative with my sequences and to overcome limiting beliefs about what my classes were worth. After working with her I was able to better price my classes.
Molly Galipeau

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