Flow Formula

Confidently Craft and Teach Science-Based Yoga Classes


Unlock the Secret to Masterful Yoga Classes with my DIY online course Flow Formula! Dive deep into the art of confidently teaching a yoga class with a movement science-informed sequence. This comprehensive online program is your step-by-step guide to creating and guiding transformative yoga experiences, combining the precision of movement science with the fluidity of yoga’s traditional spirit. This is more than just a course—it’s a transformational journey designed to empower you to teach yoga with confidence, clarity, and a deep sense of purpose.

What’s Inside:


Module 1:

Begin your journey by cultivating your unique mission as a yoga instructor. Set clear goals that will lay the groundwork for classes that resonate with your authentic self. Dive into anatomy principles that are useful and applicable to teaching yoga.

Module 2:

Dive into the heart of intelligent sequencing, where science meets spirit. Learn timing strategies and craft your own yoga class that not only flows but also deeply connects with your students.

Module 3:

Elevate your teaching with clear and captivating cues. Build confidence, learn to navigate mistakes gracefully, and use music as a powerful tool for self-expression and connection.

Module 4:

Round off your learning experience with class templates, self & peer feedback and review, reassess your goals, and plan your next steps on your path to becoming an impactful yoga instructor.

  • Evaluation & Goal Setting
  • Unique Mission 
  • Aligned Vision
  • Anatomy 101
  • Intelligent Sequencing
  • Spirit & Science
  • Transitions & Timing
  • Class Templates
  • Clear & Captivating Cues
  • Cultivate Confidence
  • Overcome Mistakes
  • Music As Self-Expression
  • Teaching Opportunities
  • Class Feedback & Review
  • Evaluation & Goal Setting
  • Your Next Move

Ready to elevate your confidence & teaching skills?

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