100 Days of Ski

100 days of nordic skiing?!

Yes you read that correctly! But there is much more to this story...
I DID IT!!! 100 DAYS DONE!!!
100/100 100%

During winter 2022/2023, I am going to Nordic ski for 100 days to raise money for a new program created by Club Nordique Mont-Tremblant. The program will sponsor young female athletes to train and compete in cross-country and skate skiing. They are offering full sponsorship, including equipment, coaching, and competition fees (a total cost of $3000/ athlete).

This is the program’s first year, and the club has already sponsored one young female athlete. I am raising money to continue the development of this program for the years to come. 100% of all money raised will go to directly the program. All club members are volunteers, myself included. My goal is to offer as many young women the opportunity to participate in the club and compete in nordic skiing.

Our main sponsor Max Ski Service has generously offered to help support the club through several initiatives, including:

  • Discounted equipment for the female athletes
  • Discounted equipment for the club members
  • Help in raising funds for the club


I will also be coaching in the Jack Rabbit program at Club Nordique Mont-Tremblant to inspire more young females to try this amazing sport. I want to encourage more children to get outside and get on skis! Nordic skiing is not only fantastic exercise, but it also supports our connection to nature and promotes the development of healthy self-esteem. 

I am passionate about promoting nordic skiing in Mont-Tremblant and supporting it for generations to come! But I need YOUR help. 

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Please support my initiative on Go Fund Me using the link below. Thank you so much!

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